DO-ISO 8583 monitoring system for banking applications

DOREA’s unique ISO8583 real-time monitoring system, is dedicated for the use in NOCs for a multitude of applications such as : fraud detection, troubleshooting, process validation, performance measurements SLA verification and many more.

Our system can handle and store several million transactions per day and deliver valuable ad-hoc statistics and measurements.

What is ISO 8583 ?

ISO 8583 is a transaction based internet protocol, used for many applications in the financial sector. In fact most of our credit-card and ATM transactions in the world rely on the ISO8583 protocol.

It is an “authorization” based protocol which transmits all required information (i.e.: credit card) to the authorization service. The authorization service can be a clearing organization, a bank or a credit-card issuer. As soon as the authorization has been issued, a return message is sent back.


  • mobile transaction
  • ATM transaction
  • POS purchase
  • E-bill
  • E-commerce

Clearing organization

  • Acquirer / processor

Banking institute

  • Banks
  • Credit Card issuer


Where is ISO 8583 used?

The ISO8583 protocol is used all over the world. Almost each country has its own specific implementation and uses specific fields within the standard protocol.

Why is it so important to monitor ISO8583 transactions ?

We’re depending on the success of ISO 8583 in everyday life each time we’re using our credit/debit cards to retrieve money or make a payment, online in a store or over the telephone.

Our payment satisfaction strongly depends on the delay between a payment request and the response or if the request needs to be repeated because the transaction failed for some technical problem of corrupted information during the transaction.

What does DOREA’s DO-ISO8583 monitoring system do?


  • Response time of server, POS, ATM and clearing facility
  • Packet loss and network issues
  • Malformed messages


  • Identification and prevention
  • Fraud detection
  • Excessive and simultanious use of credit card
  • High amount


  • Server availability
  • Network availability

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