DOREA-CONSULTING – Releases ISO 8583 Monitoring System DO-8583

The new monitoring system developed by DOREA-Consulting, targets large companies such as banks and clearing houses, confronted with handling a large quantity of several million ISO 8583 transactions per day.

The real-time analysis and presentation capabilities of DO-8583, allows providing detailed and synthesized information about credit card and financial transactions, making anomalies spotting an easy task.

The probe based system is completely independent of any authorization server and intercepts any ISO 8583 credit card transaction by putting it into its specifically optimized database for immediate access. The new version allows the storage of up to 30 million transactions and new improved event management capabilities. Language support is available for French and English.

DOREA’s unique ISO8583 real-time monitoring system, is dedicated for the use in NOCs for a multitude of applications such as : fraud detection, troubleshooting, process validation, performance measurements SLA verification and many more.

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